About Us

What's in a name?

The name Only in Fields is inspired by a childhood spent in Chatham Kent. The fields are our mountains and lakes. They are a reminder that the more we put in to our work the more we get out. The vastness humbles us and teaches us to appreciate time passing. Only in fields is a state of mind that celebrates potential and a slower pace.

Onwards and Upwards

We've got big places to go and big places to see with only so much time! Please stay tuned to Only in Fields in the months and years to come. we plan on delivering more greeting cards, posters, custom works and handmade products inspired by our busy lives. 

About the artist

Lindsey Shields is the artist behind Only in Fields. She grew up in Chatham Kent, Ontario surrounded by fields. Her environment continues to be a main source of inspiration in what she presents through Only in Fields; along with travel, nature, anything old, childhood and general coziness.  Lindsey, her two boys and husband split their time between Toronto, Ontario and the call of the wild east of Bracebridge, Ontario. 

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